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Problem description:

I wanted to start using git while working on a project and came across one problem. When cloning the repository on another computer and then open up the project in godot, the import process starts and changes the modification date of the project.godot file. Can this be prevented?

This is my .gitignore file (which works fine):

# Godot-specific ignores

# Mono-specific ignores

This is the message the git gui throws when doing a Rescan:

Git information

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A few moments later the default_env.tres and my first loaded scene are also changed by their modification date.

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As far as I know, this cannot be prevented, but this should have no influence on Git internals (as it doesn't care about modification dates, only actual changes).

PS: You should remove *.import from your .gitignore, as this excludes important metadata from version control (such as whether a texture should be imported with filtering enabled). The .ignore/ line should be kept though, as it ignores the directory that contains imported resources.

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Thank you for the fast response, Calinou!
After clicking on Stage Changed I noticed that the files disappeared from my list. So it behaved as you described.

I'm getting warnings because of the line endings and have to click on Continue or Unlock index. Any impact on Godot when doing either of these?

Thanks for the tip about those *.import files. I was irritated that my .obj files had extra import files. This makes sense after all.

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