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I'm trying to follow this tutorial But I'm super stuck with some basic questions.

one of the instructions says:

"Open the newly created Spatial Material and scroll down to the
“Albedo” section and click beside the “Texture” property to add an
Albedo Texture. Here we will apply the texture we made. Choose “New

but when I press "New ViewportTexture" in the albedo I get the following messages

"Can't create a viewport texture on this resource because it's not set
as local to scene. please switch on the "local to scene" property on
it (and all resources containing it up to a node)"

So how do I set this as local to the scene?
I don't know if this is the right place to make specific questions about the documentation. sorry if this is not the place

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Trust me, you're in the right place. ;) However, I don't know how to solve your problem. It could be a setting for the Viewport. Have you looked at the properties of the Viewport in the Inspector?

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The solution was super simple!

In the material, scroll to the bottom of the inspector. It's in the "Resource" section.

Thanks to the help of the user Mewse on discord

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Here's an image for anybody still missing it (due to the fliter box not actually showing all items that exist):
enter image description here

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