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I am trying to generate random number but the following code returns always the same numbers after every restart:

for i in range(3):
    print( randi()%8 )


for i in range(3):
     print(rand_range(0, 8))

I tried to restart application 10 times with the same result.

Is it possible to make totally random numbers in some range?

Thank you,

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Hello maer,

sounds like that you could try to call randomize() in the _ready() function, in the script, where you try to generate random numbers.

func _ready( ):

This should generate a new seed for the random number generator. Therefore every new run should have other numbers.

see randomize for more information

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Thanks, work like a charm.

Thanks, I've got the same problem and now my game will change every match. I was thinking "Why the bubble always Spam in the same place??" and now I understand all. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

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