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Godot 2.0 had something like this:

func _input(event):
    if event.scancode = some_code:
        #do something

But as for 3.0 I do not know.

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Here is a list I've found in internet:

I think it's like keycodes:

You can go to Project->Project Settings and configure the Input Map to use the keys like this:

if Input.is_action_pressed("ui_accept"):
    # do something

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you can find scancode of godot in enum KeyList at globalscope

enum KeyList

KEY_UP = 16777232 — Up Arrow Key

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It only works if the key I'm pressing is a InputEventKey. And as for other inputs types?. For example, I want to set a action for the joystick button the player presses.

If you want to use Joypad, you can see InputEventJoypadButton, InputEventJoypadMotion and enum JoystickList in globalscope

enum JoystickList:
JOYXBOXY = 3 --- XBOX controller Y button
OYANALOGLX = 0 --- Joypad Left Stick Horizontal Axis
JOYANALOGLY = 1 --- Joypad Left Stick Vertical Axis
JOYANALOGRX = 2 --- Joypad Right Stick Horizontal Axis
JOYANALOGRY = 3 --- Joypad Right Stick Vertical Axis
JOYANALOGL2 = 6 --- Joypad Left Analog Trigger
JOYANALOGR2 = 7 --- Joypad Right Analog Trigger

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you should see Input Remapping in Godot tutorial for understand more about input event in godot

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