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Hello guys :)

I am working on a typing speed game for my final semester college project.
My primary system is Debian. However, I am testing my game on Windows 10 too just to make sure everything works fine.

Here's a problem I am currently facing- special characters with shift key combination is not working on Windows 10.
Those characters include <, >, :, ", #, @, and so on... I tried switching the keyboard layout to US QWERTY but no help at all.

Below is a code snippet I use to process key input:

func _input(event):
if event is InputEventKey:
    if event.is_pressed():
        var character
        if event.shift:
            character = char(event.scancode)
            character = char(event.scancode).to_lower()

The above code works fine on my Debian system. No issue. Special characters are printed
But I don't understand why it's not working on Windows.

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You should not use scancode for processing text, this is the key you pressed. The OS may do a series of transformations to get the actual text the user entered, so Godot exposes another property called unicode which will contain the resulting character.

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Thanks, Zylann, unicode worked!!!

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