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Hi, This question is regarding the editor. I'm using a 27" 4K monitor for Godot and changing the editor/code font size is simple, but I don't see where to change the console or icon sizes. Is this possible? Thanks!

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By console, you mean the output panel inside the editor? (not the system console)
Also icons are supposed to scale up with the UI by DPI detection, if they don't I'd say it's a bug. It might also be a bug if you are forced to change font size manually because Godot is supposed to have high-DPI modes which scales everything up.

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To change the size of the font in the output log panel, you can open Editor Settings, in the Run category, change the font size property.

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That did it! Thank you very much.

Any idea on the icons?

As I say in my earlier comment, icons should scale automatically by DPI-scaling. I don't think there is a manual option just for icons.
You can choose a global scaling in the Interface category, Display Scale property, or hi DPI mode. This scales everything up in case Godot doesn't do it automatically.

Ah, didn't see the comment on my message. Apologies, this is my first post.

Okay, yes. So, this is Interesting... I have two monitors connected, but only one is hiDPI. I unplugged the monitors and plugged them back in and it seems to have resolved itself. The icons resized to something larger and I had to resize the text back down.

Still, though, nicely done on helping me find where to edit the console font-size!

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