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Greetings! Good to see you all, folks.

So, I'm still starting with Game Design in general, and I've chosen to learn Godot (I've been using it for ~2 months or so now, and I'm having a blast), but I've hit a brick wall:

I'm trying to show a label whenever my character enters an area2D that is part of a specific group (Let's call it "interactable").



Here is Miller, chilling in front of this knife.

IF MILLER ENTERS THIS AREA2D (that makes part of the "Interactable" group, I'd like to make a label with an "!" appear (with .show()).

Nice, a Knife

I know I could use something like:

"func _on_KnifeInteract_body_entered(body):
  >  $"

Where notification is a label (or image) with the ! symbol.

But I'd end up replicating a lot of code (for every interactable object I would end up using this, and that's not cool!)

I'm wondering on how should I approach this.
Thanks in advance!

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