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For a side scroller game i need variuous scene ( main , player , weapon, enemy ).
In the script of the main one, I instance them with "add_child" and they spawn correctly on the screen with their variables.
Now i want to add collision to player, bullet and enemy that are all RigidBody2D with their CollisionShape2D.

This is the code for the Enemy

extends RigidBody2D

var life = 250

func _ready():
func _on_weapon_body_entered(body):
    if body.is_in_group("weapon"):

func _on_Timer_timeout():

In the weapon scene there is a group called weapon

What is the problem?

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First thing first, is the onweaponbodyentered() connected to anything? Maybe share the project so we get some context?

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Is connected to the father RigidBody2D (so the enemy)

Here's the project:

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