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How do i play multiple sounds in quick succession without one overlapping the other?
i have a global sfx player but it has only 1 AudioStreamPlayer. I searched the internet and found polyphony but it is only for godot 2. is there something similar to polyphony for godot 3?

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One way of doing it would be to add a [signal][1] for the finished event, ex:

func _on_AudioStreamPlayer_finished():
    print( "Audio finished, start the next one logic")
    #your logic to play the next one or a random one here...

Hope this helps :-)

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To enable polyphony for AudioStreamPlayers I have added the following script:

    #helper for multiple audio stream playback
    extends AudioStreamPlayer2D

   func play( from_position=0.0 ):
        if !playing:
            var asp = self.duplicate(DUPLICATE_USE_INSTANCING)
            asp.stream = stream
            yield(asp, "finished")

It uses polymorphism to override the AudioStreams play()-function and instantiate a new player. This also works for audio tracks in the AnimationPlayer.

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