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A KinematicBody has the method move_and_slide which allows you to move a node with a velocity. When using a RigidBody you can set its mode to MODE_KINEMATIC, which disables outside forces lets you move it with code, like the regular KinematicBody. RigidBody does not have a move_and_slide method though, would I have to create my own implementation of move_and_slide for the RigidBody or is there another method to do this?

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As far as I am aware scriptwise all class scripts are limited to the class they extend.
You can call methods that don't feature in the class only by accessing a type of node within the script that has that method.
If your script starts with

extends RigidBody

means all methods except custom made ones, will be from the RigidBody baseclass.

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RIght, and neither RigidBody nor RigidBody2D has the method move_and_slide().

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