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I was doing a trick. And that trick was basically creating a label, filling it with text with wrap enabled, getting the size, and then setting its text to "", and then resizing its child RichTextLabel to coincide. I'm not sure if that is the correct way to do it, but I feel like it will be buggy in the long run and self conscious about it.

I'm curious, since label has set_autowrap, is it possible to use this method for RichTextLabel as well?

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I think RichTextLabel has already autowrap.
Is not this what you want?


this is a demo project at /demos/gui/richtextbbcode

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awww. Really weird. I submitted a bug report. For some odd reason long strings are not wrapped. I'm making a chat room system so the user could only input text in 1 line. I accepted your answer as it technically does wrap, just not sure about the 1 liners thank you!

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