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I am currently following the tutorial video on Rigidbody 2D, and in the video and documentation I found on the net both says I can set bounce and friction in Inspector. But I don't see those settings. Have they been moved ?
I am using Godot 3.1 <- screen grab of the Inspector

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2 Answers

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Same problem here. I solved put on the script node the methods set_bounce(value) and set_friction(value) in _ready(). Following the link documentation, case you need more information about it:

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Awesome, thanks. I would still like to know if it is intended or a bug.

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In Godot 3.1, physics properties were moved to the PhysicsMaterial resource, rather than direct properties of the RigidBody2D. This is a plus, because it means you can save/share those resources between objects, but it does mean that older tutorials like the one you were watching may not be 100% accurate anymore.

You can see examples of setting the Bounce property in the PhysicsMaterial here:

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Thank you so very much to clear this up.

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