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Hello from germany,
im new @ godot and an absolute beginner getting this error...

Whats wrong with this?

Godot Function

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This doesn't work because you can't call your function at the top level of the class. I assume you have an extends line at the top that you just didn't copy and paste. You could call it when the program is run like this:

func _ready():
    my_function(12, 21)

But note that even then, you're discarding the return value, so you'd probably want something more like:

func _ready():
    var c = my_function(12, 21)

I don't know your level of programming experience, so If this doesn't make sense to you, I strongly suggest that you start with a beginner-level coding tutorial - Python would be my recommendation.

If you do know how to code, but you're just confused about Godot & GDScript, Step by step section of the official docs. There is a lot of important foundational material there.

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Hi kidscancode. Btw great tutorials, thanks for that.
I did the sololearn phton course (50%) and know a lot php/css/html.
That really helped everything work fine now, thanks.

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