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Hi everyone,

I've been looking if exists any module of something native to implement push notification on iOS/Android app's.

I've seen this module: https://github.com/FrogSquare/GodotFireBase, but it doesn't seem to fit on iOS. I know that I can implement my own C++ module on my iOS project for example with OneSignal but if someday I want that these notifications have an action it won't be possible I think.

I'm sure there are a lot of people who have been struggling with this, how do you managed it?

Thank you!

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My solution was to implement it manually without any module and following the original documentation

Once I'll have free time I'll make a tutorial about how to implement it!

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same prob over here - would you mind providing any source or data you used (or the certain project/script) of yours?

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You can use precompiled module for local/push notification for iOS/Android project.
More info at https://github.com/DrMoriarty/godot-local-notification
The module can be installed by NativeLib addon, which is in AssetLib.

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