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Is it possible to debug apps running on Android through Godot tools? (hint: I'm not an experienced android dev, and I don't know much about doing this without Godot either)

When my app is running on an Android, it fails almost surely when I add in a feature, which presumably was due to Android permission. The problem I have is that I don't know on which permission the app was dying.

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In that case, you need to see adb logs.
You can see logs with android-sdk-windows/tools/monitor.bat

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There is a task for this.

Probably, you can debug android app more easily when 2.1 out.

You need to use android-sdk-windows/tools/monitor.bat for now.

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Thanks for the note. i'll give tools/monitor a try.

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In an app I'm working on I have a screen to which I output debug messages and it can be accessed via a button that's only available in debug builds (which can be checked for in GDScript). This won't work if the app force closes however. Another approach might be to output a text log file.

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In case someone wants this.
I check deploy with remote debug in Debug -> deploy with remote debug
In my android phone I turn on Debug in Developer options

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This should be the answer.

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