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I will do a big simulation game with ai using gdnative c++. I want to know how godot is optimized for very advanced mechanics and ai. The game will have a 2d ortographic background and 3d low poly models of humans with low res. textures. I don't want to waste my time if the game will work with low framerate.

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You seem a little suspicious about Godot's framerate, however 3.1 runs significantly better than 3.0.6 in my (learning) experience. If you have doubts and want efficiency then use whatever you trust and know best but Godot is a more than decent tool in many aspects of development.

If you want to make sure that the game performs well even on poor hardware then use the GLES2 renderer.

Since you will use C++ for your "very advanced ai" then its up to you and not Godot how well this will perform in Godot. As for the graphical parts, it seems to be like it won't be a problem for Godot.

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