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We have weird issue now with godot. We have used VN ( engine project our game and in editor it's seems working very well. How ever game does not work when it has been exported to HTML5 or Andorid and it seems that exmported does not include data.xml files.

We have tryerd to use "Include All" feature and we have also used Export non resouce field by adding there *.xml. Nothing not seems to help. Any idea?

trilliant.js:7 ERROR: Condition ' err != OK ' is true. returned: err
trilliant.js:7 Error Opening: dialogue/data.xml

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You can open android apks with unzip tools to check of the file made it into it. Also check of the filename contains any special chars.

File is seems in APK under assets/dialogue folder. File name is data.xml but error is still same Error Opening: dialogue/data.xml. In HTML5 export that file is totally missing.
Can't now why Godot engina cannot find file in Android or why data.xml not included to HTML5 export.

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To include the .XML files in your exported project, you can add the XML format the the non-resource files list in the export settings.

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