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I generated a keystore for an Android app specifying RSA as the algorithm. Is there any way to get Godot to auto-sign using this? Currently it fails because it uses

 "jarsigner.exe" "-digestalg" "SHA1" "-sigalg" "MD5withRSA"

Can I do it with the "Extra Args" setting in Android Export options? I haven't seen any docs for this, nor about generating a release keystore to work with Godot.

Edit: So I've just generated a SHA1withRSA keystore but I'd have to create a new Play Store entry to use it, which I think is more of a pain than just signing my app manually. But will using a keystore with RSA signing algorithm be possible with Godot in the future?

edit 2: I've seen where it's hard-coded in the Godot source in export.cpp

    List<String> args;

Should I suggest on Godot github that this could be an option? I could compile a custom build but I'd rather stick with official builds.

edit 3: oops it's MD5withRSA not SHA1withRSA

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