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I have one Global Script SamplePlayer2D and some sounds.smp

and i search how to use SampleLibrary, get_sample, etc... but dont have succeed

How can i make a Sample Library and load samples to it with gdScript?

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I don't really understand your question. Do you want to have global sample player?
You can autoload (Project Settings > AutoLoad) scene that contains sample player (for example samples.tscn) and use it like this


Thnx for the answer! Yeah, i now how do this :).
Let me explain better. Imagine that in this samples.tscn, you want to have a script to load the files, how do it? How to make a Sound Library(just samples, not stream) with gdscript?

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var sample = preload("res://sounds/sound.wav") # you can use load() instead

var lib =
lib.add_sample("name", sample)

var player =

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Hi. thanks for the answer.

This works for samples, now i have tried apply this for stream and have no success

extends StreamPlayer

var Song = load("res://Sounds/Jobro.ogg") # you can use load() instead
var player =

func _ready():

this runs fine, with an empty error on without any info...
i have tried some tutorials and things on the net but...
can you help me on this?

From your snippet I guess you attached script to StreamPlayer node thus your code should look like this:

extends StreamPlayer

var Song = load("res://Sounds/Jobro.ogg")

func _ready():

There is no need to create new StreamPlayer with var player = if you already added one using editor. You can create StreamPlayer from code like this:

extends Node # or anything else
var Song = load("res://Sounds/Jobro.ogg") 
var player =

func _ready():

thanks man! this works!

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