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When importing a png-image as a sprite texture, the sprite/image gets 5 times larger than its actual size. Scale is still (1,1). My window resolution is 1280x720 and my image is 64x64 pixels and still the sprite gets way bigger than the viewport. I have tried to change the size and dpi of the image, but it doesn't help. Now I have to scale the sprite down a lot to make it the size I want.
Godot version 3.0.6
What can I be doing wrong? Spent way too much time on this :)

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Also experiencing this - v3.2

I'm having the same problem, I made a player with a Sprite size 32x32 then when I made the enemy sprite size of 64x64 png it "pops" bigger in the scene then resizes.

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I found a solution to my problem, I scaled the rigid body by half in the editor then when it was added to the screen it was automatically sized to the correct size, I think we found a bug, not sure, but this fixed it for me.

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