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Hi, so.. I created an animated billboard sprite. nothing fancy, it works OK and it looks good when it's in editor mode, BUT the texture looks VERY small when I hit play.

Check the obvious differences:

I can make the texture not lose the size by commenting out this line:

camera = get_node('../Camera')
character = get_node('Sprite3D')
character.look_at(Vector3(camera.global_transform.origin.x,character.global_transform.origin.y,camera.global_transform.origin.z), Vector3(0,1,0))

The problem is... I need the Sprite 3D To always face at the camera. I don't know why my texture is being resized like that

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The fix is merged to master branch.
it will be fixed with godot 3.2, but sure about 3.1.x

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Thank you very much. I though I was doing something wrong. I'll wait for the fix then.

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