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Hi, I have one scene which is composed of several Sprite3D layers placed in the same coordinate.

how do I set the draw order of the Sprite3D? I want to specify which one is in front, and which one behind.

I'd like to avoid setting them on different coordinates, since they are being rotated in code to look at the camera, and I'd have to also move them in front of each other at the same time I rotate them.

Thank you

PS: this is a similar problem, but not the same. My sprites are all places exactly in the same coordinates.

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For future reference on anyone having a similar issue:
Click on the Sprite3D -> Flags -> Alpha Cut -> Select Opaque Pre-Pass
Move your textures slightly back and forth on Z to set the order

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Thank you kind Sr, that solved my problem, may god bless you with a bunch of kids.

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