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so i already asked one of the questions i had and it was answered, but now i have a lot more questions. first of all how do i get the local/rotated y value of an object so that i can tell if a joint is compressing or extending, regardless of the actual global movement of the vehicle. also joints aren't working for me because two kinematic body's wont pull each other, one will just stay still while the other moves. another thing, how do i just display one specific frame of an animation, so if the steering wheel is turned so much then access frame so and so.

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Try to learn things individually before taking them all on in one go, there are 3 or more questions here.

Getting the local y axis is rotation_degrees.y. The joint needs at least one rigidbody to work and the steering wheel should be done using a variable not an animation but seek, true) allows you to play from a specific time.

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thank you, but wouldn't rotation_degrees.y just give you the rotation of the body not the actual coordinates, sorry if i mislead you. also i wanted to do the animation for the steering because there are other things that happen when you turn the wheel and i want it all to move accordingly. also how would i be able to use a rigid body if both the wheel and car are kinematic?

You can either make your wheels rigidbodies or have the wheels parented to a kinematic body and make the car body a rigidbody. Moreover would using a VehicleBody with VehicleWheel nodes be easier for you?

i am trying to not use the built in vehicle physics because they arent very realistic, in a real car you have tire flex, damper settings(slow bump,fast bump,slow rebound,fast rebound). you also have other things like tire heat, anti roll bars, differential, etc... but now that i think about it i could just have the tire be an animation for the suspension movement and just program in the tire flex so that i dont have a ton of collision objects on each wheel. anyway thank you very much for your help

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