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Hi guys.

I have this issue: I have created a spawner that creates infinities objects(KinematicBodies2D). When an object touches an Aread2D then the object disappears(i use signal from Aread2D to object).What i want, is when the object touches the Area2D then a GUI counter high on the screen to show me the score (counter=counter+1). i did a try with a signal from Area2D to a Label but a Label accept only strings.I searched on YouTube but there is no an appropriate video about this case. I show some videos that some guys that were using labels and that was weird...Is there an appropriate node that accepts integers?Any idea please?

Thank you.

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try keep a var score in the area2D's script and then just display it on the label

First of all thank you very much about your reply.Basically i used the "text" Label's property and then "set_text(str(score))". So, i managed to show the score on the Label but now the problem is that every number is written on the previous one ...

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Hey Nick888.

A script like this should work:

extends Area2D
var counter = 0
onready var Label = get_node("Container/Label") # path to your label

func _on_area2d_body_entered(body): # connect the signal to this 
    if body.is_in_group("Enemy"): # you can also use another way
        counter += 1
        Label.text = str(counter)

if that's what you've done I don't know what you mean with 'written on the previous one'. Hope it helps to make things clearer

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Thank you so much about your reply!

The issue was that because of the Area2D was together with the Label in a scene 2, the scene1(main scene) was running all the time the scene 2.So,thats why the string-numbers was one over the other.
So, i applied a personal trick and i solved the problem:I created in main scene an Aread2D over the Aread2D of scene2 and i deleted the Label of scene2.Then, i created a personal signal and i send it from the Ared2D of scene1(main secene) to the new Label of scene1(main scene).

Thank you again for your concern and i am sorry about my english.Its not my native language.

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