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I have a PackedScene that loads an AnimatedSprite Scene playing Animation 1.
I want PackedScene, however, to play Animation 1, but after a while changes to play Animation 2;

I tried the basics with PackedScene.play("Animation2") function, but returned saying that it is a non-existent function in base PackedScene.

What is the best method to do this animation change in an AnimatedSprite from a PackedScene?

Thanks guys

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Hi lucasfazzi,
PackedScene is a resource mainly used to have a scene loaded that isn't used yet. If you use your scene you should instance it like this:

export (PackedScene) my_packed_scene = preload("res://Whatever.tscn")

func some_function():
    # create a new instance of the packedscene
    var new_whatever = my_packed_scene.instance()

    # if the root node of the packed scene is the Animationplayer

    # otherwise

    # add the newly created "node" as a child in your running scene

Hope it helps, good luck!

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Hi Jowan;

Thank you for clarifying;

Worked as well.


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