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I'm trying to add underwater sound effect and I need to detect this every frame.
But my sound effect only loops 0.1ms. How can ı fix that problem?

 func _process(delta):
        if transform.origin.y < -7.2:
            vel.y += 0.1
            freeCamera = true
            freeCamera = false
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Looks like you're restarting the UnderWater sound every frame underwater.

if not $UnderWater.playing:

Bonus: if you don't wanna start the sound at the beginning every time, record the playback position before you stop it:

var playback_pos = 0

if underwater:
    if not $UnderWater.playing:
    playback_pos = $UnderWater.get_playback_position()
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Thank you very much. It worked!

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