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Someone can help me to fix this ?! enter image description here

If you can explains please explaind to me, i still dont undersand

![HOW to fix this ?

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Note: Your image link was broken, so I edited your post to fix it.

There are a couple of problems here:

  • There should be no . after if in GDScript

  • is_action_pressed() is a method of Input: Input.is_action_pressed()

You can see several examples of simple movement like this here: 2D Movement overview

It is also highly recommended that you read through the official tutorial, found here:

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My friend still can't do it, even though I copy paste from the official tutorial

That's not something I can respond to. Error messages can be explained. Incorrect code can be addressed. There's no suggestions to be made to "still can't do it" other than try and read the tutorial again and follow more carefully. Did you do the "Your First Game" section?

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