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I have an area2d child for my kinematicbody 2d as my attackbox and i want it to flip when the player flips.

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If you use scale.x *= -1 on the KinematicBody2D, its children will be flipped as well.

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I tried that but for some reason my player keeps flipping back and forth if i try to move left.

Well that's the answer. Since you didn't show what you did, I can't tell you what you did wrong.

No it's not the answer. Kinematic bodies cannot be flipped that easily.

I tried that but for some reason my player keeps flipping back and forth if i try to move left.

that's because you are flipping it once every frame.

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Pseudo code:

if is_moving_left:
    scale.x = -1
elif is_moving_right:
    scale.x = 1
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if _velocity.y < 0:
    scale.x = scale.y * -1
elif _velocity.y > 0:
    scale.x = scale.y * 1

This also keeps the body from flipping.


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I was struggler to flip my kinematic body, but i found to manage to be able to doing it the rigth way with all the answers i read.

enter image description here

onready var animated_sprite = $AnimatedSprite
onready var melee_weapon = $Hitbox

if velocity.x > 0:
    melee_weapon.scale.x = 1
    animated_sprite.flip_h = false
elif velocity.x < 0:
    melee_weapon.scale.x = -1
    animated_sprite.flip_h = true

and that work for me.

If i understand, moveandslide() reset each frame scale.x to 1. Im not sure but i seem to read somewhere this reason for the flickering.

My first answer, yeah :D

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