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How to create a blender model with collider and export to godot

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Not sure if this answer your question, but the way I add collision from my blender models is:

  1. Create a RigidBody, or StaticBody
  2. Add a MeshInstance child to the body
  3. I set my exported model as the Mesh of the MeshInstance
  4. Then using the Mesh menu from the 3D viewport I use Create Trimesh Collision Sibling
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So it creates a collider completely the same as the mesh

Yes, it will create the exact copy

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You need to name your object with "-col" in Blender (example : "Cube-col").

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What you can do is go to Blender->Export->OBJ, and then import it in-game and select the mesh and click Mesh->Create Simplified Convex Collision Shape.

There are also a few other options, but that is what I tend to do when I'm importing models to be used for the player.

If you are just importing like a wall or something, I'd choose create Tri-Mesh Static Body.

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a year late lol but this helped a lot! worked perfectly.

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