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Hello! I have a KinematicBody2D and a RigidBody2D. I need to check if the kinematicbody collides with the rigidbody but it is not working and I don't know why. The collision occurs but the code does not print anything.

Here is the code in the KinematicBody:
KinematicBody2D code

Here is the KinematicBody2D node parameters:
KinematicBody2D node parameters

Here is the KinematicBody2D collision shape:
KinematicBody2D collision shape

Here is the RigidBody2D node parameters:
RigidBody2D node parameters

Here is the RigidBody2D collision shape:
RigidBody2D collision shape

I tested another way to check the collision using RigidBody2D bodyentered signal and it is working fine, but I need to check the kinematicbody2d collision with the rigidbody using moveand_collide because I need to know if both collide in advance.

Here is the code:
RigidBody2D signal code

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I have something very similar but even the body entered signal won't work.
Everything work if I just change one of the two bodies to StaticBody2D.
Did you find a workaround?

The problem I had was not related to the code I posted here. In fact, there was another part of the code that was causing the problem. The people at Discord helped me to solve this.

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There was another code that was responsible for the problem.

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