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I've created a player and a mesh as a child in front of player, after a vector to move from player to bola, so i can rotate
the player and i have always a vector pointing in front of it,
when game started it walked from left to right, but when moving towards z axis it stops.
anyone help

extends Spatial
onready var player = get_node("player")
var velplayer = 5
var velg = 0.5
var acg = 0.002

func _ready():  

func _process(delta):   
   var FloorCollision = player.move_and_collide(Vector3(0,-velg,0))
   velg = velg+acg
   if (FloorCollision):  velg=0

func movefinal():
   if(Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_RIGHT)):player.rotation.y -= 0.05    
   if(Input.is_key_pressed(KEY_LEFT)):player.rotation.y += 0.05
        #vector from player to bola
        vector = (player.get_node("bola").global_transform.origin - player.get_translation()).normalized()
        #walking with vector        
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vector = (player.get_node("bola").global_transform.origin - player.get_translation()).normalized()

Did you forgot var in front of vector?

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