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I've tried to work it out myself but I'm just stuck on what I'm misunderstood.

The code:

func _ready():  
for i in range(3):
    Agent["Name"] = Names[randi() % Names.size()]
    Agent["Persuade"] = randi() % 10 + 1
    Agent["Combat"] = randi() % 10 + 1
    Agent["Stealth"] = randi() % 10 + 1
    Agent["Hacking"] = randi() % 10 + 1
    i += 1

The result:

[{Combat:5, Hacking:3, Image:1, Name:Test, Persuade:6, Stealth:9}, {Combat:5, Hacking:3, Image:1, Name:Test, Persuade:6, Stealth:9}, {Combat:5, Hacking:3, Image:1, Name:Test, Persuade:6, Stealth:9}]

Each time I run the program it will generate different results, but within the actual generation the numbers will always be the same. I want them to be different for each agent.

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1 Answer

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Your issue has nothing to do with the random functions of GDScript.

You are appending three time the same "Agent" object. The list is not creating a copy, it only store a reference to the object. So in reality in each pass of the loop you are modifying the same object. You have to instantiate a new object at the beginning of the for.

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