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Is there a way to toggle off the console/terminal/command console window? I'm on a Windows 10 pc.

That extra window which I haven't learn about it's functionality is annoying me when going through multiple application minimising/maximising. Perhaps there is a way to minimise the console window to tray?

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I don't remember the option for this, but the console window is useful because sometimes, errors get printed here with more info than the editor.

Final users probably don't want to debug the game. Therefore I can understand the question.

I'm referring to the terminal/console window that launches together with Godot engine, not the exported game made with Godot. It's sometimes useful for pin pointing errors but I don't need it at the moment. That's why I'm looking for this option, hopefully they implement a toggle off for this somewhere or somehow.

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When you export your game, you have a debug option. Check it off to not have the terminal anymore.

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I'm aware of that debug option for exports. It's the terminal window that launches together with Godot engine (at least on Windows 10) is interrupting my workflow. It just itches me on my nerves when I accidentally maximise that terminal instead of the engine after going through other applications.

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Godot 3.2.2: Top Menu > Editor > Editor settings > Interface Menu > Editor > Check: Hide console window > restart Godot.

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