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I've been trying to create a menu with TextureRects that scale when moused over inside of various containers, like GridContainer and H / VBoxContainers etc to hold them.

I have 6 images and when they are moused over I want it to scale the moused over or clicked image then the other members to adjust to the increased size and give it room kind of like a carousel or apple app menu. So far I can get the scaling etc but not the neighbors to auto-adjust sideways inside of a container to the size increase. Would the size_flags be used?

x x x x x x

x x X x x x

Looking for advise on how to set this up. Is there a container type which would do this. Or will I have to code it manually?


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That sounds like a type of container I would code manually, as opposed to trying to somehow make it work with the builtin containers.
Is your carousel scrolling also?

I figured that would be the case. At this stage it wouldn't be scrolling as all elements would fit nicely on screen with space for the movement.
I'll give it a a go.

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