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Could someone help me with this problem, when I export a 3d game for android my phone does not respond.

asus zenphone go gpu adreno

when i export 3d game with glse3 the game crashes on splash screen
when i export on glse2 the game goes into splshscreen and closes by itself,

2d game works perfectly
Someone could help me already searched everywhere and I can not find the solution

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Could you provide a bit more context? What kind of 3d game is it? Are you using some special Android api, like the gyroscope or the accelerometer? Are you using AR/VR capabilities? Joystick support? Networking maybe? It might be the case that your Android game requires something that cannot be found because it was not compiled. It also might be the case that Android needs some permission enabled in order to run properly. Can you run the game on a PC? Provide a few more details, please.

Any game with a cube and a simple camera, I could not run, I saw in some places that the adreno gpu does not support games rendered in glse3, but in my case neither glse2 works, already tested on other devices with different gpus and worked normally

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