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Good to hear it works fine :)
However careful with the other question you linked, modifying the terrain to leave skidmarks is extremely expensive. Decals or simple mesh strips are often preferred to do this.

Would you please give me some link or resources about them?
I found this, but I don't know how actually its works., and are its known limitations serious or not?

I never used this in Godot yet, so I don't know more than you do.

Anyway very thanks Zylann!

hi Zylann, ive got a similar problem:
How can i modify the terrain while runtime?

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Comment the if which is located in line 1077 of and then use following lines:

var brush = preload("res://addons/zylann.hterrain/").new()
brush.paint($HTerrain, collsioin_info.position.x, collsioin_info.position.z, brush.MODE_COLOR)

For more info read above comments.

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