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HI I get the following error after I renamed files in windows explorer. Is there a way to re-import or adjust this so the error is ignored? All files and project works fine.

Godot Engine v3.1.1.stable.official (c) 2007-2019 Juan Linietsky, Ariel Manzur & Godot Contributors.
drivers/windows/fileaccesswindows.cpp:104 - Case mismatch opening requested file 'experience.gd', stored as 'Experience.gd' in the filesystem. This file will not open when exported to other case-sensitive platforms.

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Fixed it by duplicating files the offending files in Godot and giving them a slightly different name then deleting the original. Then renaming the copies back to what I wanted.

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I had a similar issue after moving a bunch of files around in file explorer.

Turned out some of my .png files were a different case then my load(string), but load was automatically fixing the case and finding the correct .png.

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