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HI I get the following error after I renamed files in windows explorer. Is there a way to re-import or adjust this so the error is ignored? All files and project works fine.

Godot Engine v3.1.1.stable.official (c) 2007-2019 Juan Linietsky, Ariel Manzur & Godot Contributors.
drivers/windows/fileaccesswindows.cpp:104 - Case mismatch opening requested file '', stored as '' in the filesystem. This file will not open when exported to other case-sensitive platforms.

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Fixed it by duplicating files the offending files in Godot and giving them a slightly different name then deleting the original. Then renaming the copies back to what I wanted.

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I had a similar issue after moving a bunch of files around in file explorer.

Turned out some of my .png files were a different case then my load(string), but load was automatically fixing the case and finding the correct .png.

Also make sure that you use git mv if you're using git as version control or it may still commit changes in to

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