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Hi all. I've got a game in development in which I'd like to implement both consumable and non-consumable purchases.
I've been through the docs page on iOS services (a few times), and I have everything set up properly on Apple's side, but things are still not functioning properly.
Does anyone have anything a little more in depth than the docs, like some fleshed out examples of implementation? I feel like I'm missing something that the docs take for granted...?

Thanks for any help!

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2 Answers

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Did you find a solution?

I'm just curious because we're looking to switch game engine from Unity and it's critical stuff like this works.

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Here is my working IAP script (only for non consumable) hope this helps.

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Can you maybe reupload your implementation?

And which version of Godot were you using at the time?


Would you be so kind to share the script again since the dropbox link is expired already.
By the way, it works on Godod 3.2.1?

Thanks again

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