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Is it possible from a game to communicate with Godot's Debugger's Monitor and ask it to plot graphs of custom values from the running game (other than the default fps, process, memory, etc.) ? Is there any sort of "Debugger API" which would allow plotting custom values in that panel ?

It would be very useful to keep track of any quantity of interest for debugging.


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I'm not aware of anything like that. I usually write my own debug HUD and log info in there, displayed in game.
If you want custom stuff in these monitors, you'd need to make a feature request on Github.

Okay I see, thanks for your answer

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I think it is limited to particular engine data and do not allow to push custom data on it.

You can make your own panel, listening to a particular game port for making your custom logs and charts.

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Thanks for your answer, I'll go with my own implementation then. It'd be great if such a feature gets implemented one day, it would be way faster than building our own dashboard/HUD or than using Grafana, Tensorboard, etc. If all we want is some simple plots

you can make a request for an extensible debugger/monitor, I think that all editor parts are getting more modular in next versions, so even if something like this can be complex to design (to make it generic) it is not a crazy idea.

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