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I spent a good amount of time troubleshooting this however I cannot seem to figure it out.

Here is my code. It is a very close match with the "Making main screen plugins" Tutorial as I was trying to make a plugin,however I added a few debug statements.

Here is the code:

extends Panel

signal main_button_pressed(value)

func _ready():
    print("Debug 4")
    $Button.connect("pressed", self, "on_Button_pressed")

func on_Button_pressed():
    print("Debug 5")
    emit_signal("main_button_pressed", "Hello from main screen!")

func _on_side_button_pressed(value):
    $Label.text = value

extends Panel

signal side_button_pressed(value)

func _ready():
    print("Debug 2")
    $Button.connect("pressed", self, "on_Button_pressed")

func _on_Button_pressed():
    print("Debug 3")
    emit_signal("side_button_pressed", "Hello from side panel!")

func _on_main_button_pressed(value):
    $Label.text = value

extends EditorPlugin

const MainPanel = preload("res://addons/theme_maker/scenes/main_panel.tscn")
const SidePanel = preload("res://addons/theme_maker/scenes/side_panel.tscn")

var main_panel_instance
var side_panel_instance

func _enter_tree():
    main_panel_instance = MainPanel.instance()
    side_panel_instance = SidePanel.instance()


    add_control_to_dock(DOCK_SLOT_RIGHT_UR, side_panel_instance)


func _exit_tree():

func _ready():
    print("Debug 1")
    main_panel_instance.connect("main_button_pressed", side_panel_instance, "_on_main_button_pressed")
    side_panel_instance.connect("side_button_pressed", main_panel_instance, "_on_side_button_pressed")

    main_panel_instance.emit_signal("main_button_pressed", "Hello 1")
    side_panel_instance.emit_signal("side_button_pressed", "Hello 2")

func has_main_screen():
    return true

func make_visible(visible):
    if visible:

func get_plugin_name():
    return "Theme Maker"

This is the debug output when activating the plugin

Debug 1
 core/object.cpp:1238 - Error calling method from signal 'main_button_pressed': 'Panel(': Method not found.
 core/object.cpp:1238 - Error calling method from signal 'side_button_pressed': 'Panel(': Method not found.

No debug statements are printed when pressing either button

This is the scene tree for both Side and Main Panels (Same structure, different scenes)
- Panel
- - Button
- - Label

I simply don't know what is going wrong.
It seems like the buttons are not initialized properly or not connected. I tried manually connecting signals as well with no results.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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In, you have a typo while defining your signal callback. I would also prefix underscores to all signal callbacks. Usually, they're private and don't need to be shown to the world.

I'd also add a little more detail to the rubber-duck statements. It's easier to follow.

Thanks. I fixed that typo and made both callbacks private.

For clarification I expect the starting output to be:

Debug 1
Debug 4
Debug 2

This is the ready function being called in all three scripts.

And then another debug statement whenever a button is pressed.

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