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Can we add some algorithm on player/npc movement?

The game is just simple rpg game. But, I want to add some algorithm (like especially floyd-warshall, A-star, etc), so the player/npc can move faster toward to each others. If we can, please guide me. Thanks :)

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You should probably look at the Navigation2D (or Navigation for 3D games) node.
( for 3D )

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I just want to add some path finding algorithm on my code, so they move faster and efficiently for my 2D game

but somehow I got stuck

var destination = Vector2()
var gap = Vector2()
var speed = null

func _ready():
 speed = 100
 destination = Vector2(position)

func _process(delta):
 if position != destination:
  gap = Vector2(destination - position)
  move_and_slide(gap.normalized() * speed)
  if gap.abs() < Vector2(1,1):
 if destination == position:
func _input(event):
 if Input.is_action_pressed("ui_click"):
  destination = get_global_mouse_position()
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