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As Im working on a Game I got a problem I cant seem to set the text of a score counter by code, (which is a label), i heard theres a Set_text() but i have no idea how to use or even set the text with it.

Additional: how to make it add a speceific number, the like text is currently 0 but when a certain function loops, it will add ex: 10 or
if bla bla:
(text) += 10

Answers in both questions are appreciated.

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make a variable that is a number like:

var counter = 0

then you can change it freely, like:

counter += 10

and if you want to update the text label use:

YourLabel.text = str(counter)

YourLabel is of course your node and str function converts a number to string, which can be used with text fields.

Also, if you don't know how to get YourLabel handle, you can do this by two ways:




in both cases Godot should give you tips as you start writing.

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Ahh its the str thats missing in my codes haha THANKS.

i'm trying to use this in

func _process(delta):
          ## when i click and spawn a circle in
          ballCountLabel.text = str(ballCount)

but then when i run it it says
and then trails off the screen? or maybe that's it, i dont know

Could you also provide the code showing what is ballCount?

I fixed it, nevermind. I stil have no idea why it showed "[Label:1187" though.

┬┐como lo arreglaste?
yo intento pasar la informacion de un label a otro label y tambien me pone label 1310, en lugar de poner la infomacion que tiene el otro label.

If I translated your Spanish correctly, you want to pass text from one label to another label, right?

To copy text from Label1 to Label2 you have to do something like this:

$Label2.text = $Label1.text
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Gracias me sirvi├│ mucho.

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