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anyone, has a savegame template that works? I cant find a way to save a game succesfully and iam working into an app for android.... if there is something that can help please, give me a hint, an please dont give me more links to the docs, they are confusing and hasnt a useful example

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Probably the best would be to show us what's your current saving method and where are you getting stuck on. It would help others to identify what's going wrong.

If you want just a template, I guess nobody would give you what you're expecting.

Each game is different and so the save/load process must be customized for sure.

well that is true, and what I want to do is to save the variables of a global script(singleton),
the example in the docs is confusing and that one is for an instanced node, I am new using godot engine(1 month) and I have done some progress but here I am stuck

I use the save method from the manual, it can be used with global variables as well. Which part doesn't work for you?

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yes, sorry for that, my proyect is going so well that getting stuck here is annoying

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