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I have made a 2D Sprite inside a 3D space, but now it will always show at the front, even though other figures are in front of it. How can I make the sprite show behind a specific 3D object.

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Did u try making the 2D node a child of the 3D one ?
Can you share your scene tree ?

It is:

  Obj (3D)
    Sprite (2D Has to be behind if Character is in front)
  Character (3D)
  Level (3D)
  UI (Control)

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The 2D must be the child of the character then use this property:

enter image description here

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On Second thought, better to follow 3D in 2D sample, by using a ViewPortcontainer.

This way I managed to load a 3D scene over an opaque 2D texture

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