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In some tutorials I saw an Android icon on top right. The user clicks the icon and game starts to run on phone. How can I make same thing? In my Godot, there is no Android icon on top right. Everytime I export apk and move to my phone and install app and I run the app.

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  1. Make sure all android export settings are setup fine
  2. Enable Android developer mode (steps here)
  3. Once your phone connected, make sure you enable "Transfer files" in your usb connection notification
  4. Once Developer mode is enabled, be sure to enable "USB Debugging"

At this point if all is ok, you should see an Android icon next to the "play/pause/stop" buttons:

enter image description here

Click this icon and it will create the apk and run it on the device :-)

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Thank you so much. I was confused before this.

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