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My purpose is running Godot as an environment for machine learning. Since this is required training on thousands of games, I need to run the game without rendering.
I realized that there is a version called 'Server' but I want to run it on Windows.
So, is there a way to disable graphics and audio manually?

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If the problem is having multiple windows, why can't you just make your game in a way it can run multiple instances of the "world" within the same application? (this would obviously imply you don't use singletons, which is one reason people think they are evil :p)

To be honest, I didn't understand what you meant :D. I just want to stop rendering but physics calculations and other things go on. So that calculations per frame increase from 60 to thousands. Is it possible?

If running 1000 processes of your game on a Windows machine is what you want, and without a window, see

I'm not sure what Godot is even used for in this scenario though, apart from a few scripts and physics (which is actually just Bullet).

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VisualServer.viewport_set_active(get_tree().get_root().get_viewport_rid(), false)
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With Godot 3.2+, you can simple set

VisualServer.render_loop_enabled = false

to disable rendering.

See: VisualServer doc

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