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Hi I would like to share with You demo of Unicorn Wars.
Unicorn Wars is a simple turn based 2D game where 2 unicorns shoot each other until their hp is depleted.

Playable demo can be found here:

Game works fine on Chrome (windows / ios) desktop and mobile and maybe firefox. Does not work on other browsers. Android build is in progress.

Code repository here:

How to play:


  • Left click or touch to stop direction indicator in direction which You want to shot
  • Hold it to power up
  • Release to shot

Here is couple ideas how i want to progress further with the game :

  • add whether affect which will affect bullet physic like wind or gravity change - randomized every turn
  • add background
  • change bullet sprite to something more in game spirit ;)
  • change direction indicator to be more intuitive
  • p2p multiplayer
  • damage animation
  • play against AI
  • play without borders
  • play without roof
  • play without indicators
  • rapid fire mode
  • friendly fire mode
  • extra bouncy mode
  • power ups
  • different levels environment which will affect bullet physic:
    --* underwater level
    --* space level
  • large level with following camera
  • platform level
  • more playable characters
  • player tint

Feedback is appreciated.

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