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I found GODOT a great project, and found it uses SCons, and found Scons is excellent, so I want to know what is the Development Environment of GODOT, and want to try it.
Thanks very much.

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2 Answers

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AFAIK Godot doesn't have it's own development environment but qtcreator seems to be a popular choice.
Also have a look at the documentation

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Thanks, I've tried Qt Creator several months ago, it's stable and fast, but .h files and .cpp files are separeted in the project file tree, not convenient when there are many files, because the corresponding .h and .cpp are far away, though F2 work, feel not good, it can be more easy by put them together.

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I recommend using the NetBeans IDE which is multiplatform, has very good C++ support and is able to import Scons projects out of the box.
I have no experience with qtcreator, so all three of these arguments may apply to it as well, but nevertheless NetBeans is worth a look.

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I'll try NetBeans IDE definitely, thanks.

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