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Can someone help me fix this code? The issue is the comma in digits.

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efunc comma(number):
var string = str(number)
var mod = string.length() % 3
var res = ""
for i in range(0, string.length()):
    if i != 0 && i % 3 == mod:
        res += ","
    res += string[i]
return res

func moneysuffix(money):
var suffix = [" ", "k", "m", "b", "t"]
var x = 0
while money >= 1000:
money /= 1000
x += 1
if x == suffix.size() - 1:
var suffixed
money = str(money) + suffix[x]
return suffixed_money

func process(delta):
MoneyLabel.text = "$" + str(comma(money

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