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h1, I need to know how to integrate the facebook like button in a game and how to put that launches the browser game page button. Thank you

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I don't use facebook, but you can open broswer with OS.shell_open("http://google.com")

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You can not yet integrate facebook share button ??

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There was something started here:
I did not get that module working though but I did not spend anytime on it either.
If you can't find the module I'll post it somewhere, I don't see a way to attach something here.

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Your link doesn't work, here's a working link: http://godotdevelopers.org/index.php?&topic=14275.msg14275#msg14275

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For godot 3.2.3 now you can use precompiled Facebook module. More information at https://github.com/DrMoriarty/godot-facebook
You can install NativeLib (binary module manager) from AssetLib and than search Facebook in it.

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Hi , You can use Facebook Plugin

If you're integrating this for iOS, you'll also need to implement login via Apple.
You can use the Apple Plugin for this.

  • Both plugins have detailed instructions for installation and use.
  • Both plugins work on the same methods and signals for convenience.
  • Both plugins support any version of Godot
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